This year started on a sad note. Our darling mum Elizabeth passed away on 17 January 2016. Mum had advanced dementia. Over the last decade, I had spent most Mondays with her, learning so much about life, love and communication. So, yesterday being Monday, I decided to continue the Mum-day tradition by spending time with my memories of mum in the supportive presence of Mother Nature.


What drew me to this place beyond
your transitioning
On a day dripping with enervation,
Like your last day
When the heat-wave broke over you
Dragging you under?

The stony bed
Its stream departed, like your life
percolating away
With every rattling breath.

This boulder, as cold
To my back as your forehead
To my palm at our final parting.

That single leaf
Spiralling as it falls,

Cicadas, insistent,
Interminable as the priest
Belting out his too-long sermon,
Quickening the flick of my agitated fan.

Barefoot on the sacred ground
I light a candle
Contemplate your image
Kiss the lock of your white hair.

I mourn your passing, ache
For your soft touch, your
Knowing look, your
Ever-outstretched love.

The living-dying forest comforts me
With blessings of green-filtered sunlight.
Your spirit draws close
On the breeze.